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PHPWM is a loose collection of individuals who probably live in exness 经纪人, or close to the West Midlands (UK); and have some interest in the PHP programming language.


PHPWM meetings are free to attend, and open to anyone (although some interest in the PHP language would be beneficial!).

The next PHPWM Meeting is on Tuesday October 9th 2007. It’s a ‘social’ meeting and will be at the Toby Carvery (see: http://linkpot.net/smidgens/ for directions)

The AllMeetings page may contain links to past and future meetings. Meetings will be advertised on the MailingList beforehand anyway.

Previous meetings have taken place in Birmingham city centre, Coventry, Redditch and Worcester. If you’d like to suggest an alternative venue, email the mailing list.

Technical Topics / Speakers / Venues for technical meetings

Venues for social meetings

Who Are We

An alphabetical list of members can be found on the MemberList page.


The ResourcesPage contains links to sites that people think might be useful or interesting to others, for example PHP articles, forums or tutorials.

Random Documentation

Some passionate people tend to write exness 平台 documentation, which may follow on from discussions on the mailing list or at meetings.



If you wish to tag http://exness-trade.com.cn/ a page put the following in.... this will then get saved to technorati etc.

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